Atlantic City


Soraya opened the concert for Egyptian singing superstar Amr Diab. It was a sold-out show which consisted of an audience of over 5,000 people. After Soraya’s performance Arabic pop/rock group "The Four Cats" took the stage. This milestone Middle Eastern concert took place in the prestigious Arena of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, on Saturday, March 11, 2006. Please enjoy some of the photos taken on this memorable and magnificent night.

Amr Diab
SORAYA spending time backstage with Egyptian singing superstar AMR DIAB

Taj Mahal dressing room
Soraya in her dressing room before the show

Amr Diab
Amr Diab smiles for the camera as he sings another famous hit: “HABIBI, YA NOUR EL EIN”

from Press of Atlantic City, Friday, March 10, 2006

Casino Scene

Soraya at Taj Mahal

Margate native Soraya will be bringing her belly dancing act to Trump Taj Mahal on Saturday, March 11, in support of Arabic singing star Amr Diab. Soraya, who holds a degree in anthropology from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, has performed for the late king of Morocco and enjoys bringing cutting edge, professional Egyptian belly dancing to weddings, concerts, corporate theme parties, fund raisers and hotel banquets.

“Showing the general public how great belly dancing can be when done with a strong attention to detail, technique and style is my main focus in life,” says Soraya. “This dance is something that I have been doing since I was 3 years old with my family. I have made it into a very rewarding career and enjoy performing for people that appreciate the art.”

In addition to dancing herself, Soraya also runs an entertainment agency based out of Margate called Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions. The agency services professional, cutting edge and authentic ethnic talent.


Minaret at Trump Taj Mahal

Belly Dance in Atlantic City

by Soraya

Bay Queen

Showboat Casino Showroom

I have been performing at all of the Atlantic City casinos in their showrooms and banquet rooms and booking ethnic acts for them for over 10 years now. It really means a lot to me to be able to bring my art to such a mainstream medium like the casinos and also have it accepted, respected, and so appreciated. In Atlantic City audiences expect and appreciate the cultural aspect when it comes to dance.

I feel so great that I was able to successfully bring belly dance to Atlantic City venues such as the casinos. I always want to keep true to the authenticity and integrity of the art. It is wonderful to dance in front of thousands of people in the showrooms working with the most famous singers from the Middle East.

Soraya, Hearsay, Lucky

Soraya’s dressing room at Trump Taj Mahal

The history of Atlantic City and South Jersey means a lot to me. It is the place where my family settled in America. More than that, I had famous cousins who sang in the famous 500 Club with Frank Sinatra and his orchestra long before the casinos existed. I feel good to be able to bring the art of my cultural heritage to all of the casinos as a belly dancer and proud that I could do something that had never been done before for ethnic arts in mainstream entertainment in Atlantic City.

Trump Taj Mahal postcard photo

See more photographs of Soraya in Atlantic City in her Scrapbook.

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