Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions

With offices both at the shore in Margate, New Jersey (20 minutes from Atlantic City, NJ) and on the Main Line in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania (20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA)

Dramatic, yet subtle . . . majestic, but personal . . . unique and unforgettable . . . Soraya’s professional Arabic entertainment agency provides unparalleled service, catering to all of your individual needs. We will turn your party to a real Arabian Nights dream come true.

Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions specializes in producing the very best in exotic Arabian Nights theme parties.

We are a Full-scale, internationally acclaimed Middle Eastern ethnic arts entertainment agency for the very best in authentic, elegant and professional Egyptian style belly dancing, orchestras, singers, DJ's and variety/specialty acts of the highest caliber possible. We supply dynamic, dramatic and cutting edge Arabic talent for high-society functions, Casino concerts, production stage shows, upscale special events, five star hotels, International show tours, large corporate theme events, Egyptian El Zaffa bands, Middle Eastern weddings, Fortune 500 companies, high-end hotel banquets, black tie affairs, Arabian decor, conventions/trade shows, Arabian Nights Theme Parties, cultural parties-celebrations, colleges & universities, Sephardic shows, Bar & Bat mitzvahs, select art museums, resorts, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean caterers, specialized Egyptian dance technique workshops and so much more, all at your fingertips for the discriminating client!

Soraya’s repertoire not only includes her well known Arabian Nights, and Marakesh theme parties but also encompasses a wide variety of other authentic cultural styles. This includes Modern Egyptian, Mediterranean Moroccan, Gypsy, Arabic, Israeli, Persian, folkloric Arabic dance styles and Ancient Egyptian. Besides catering to the upbeat and exciting modern and contemporary Middle Eastern, Arabian Night theme parties, Soraya’s International ethnic arts entertainment agency also encourages audience participation, depending on the specific needs and special requests from the client. In these productions you will experience authentic, rare and exotic dances with spectacular belly dancing costumes and fabulous music.

No event is too big or too small. Call or write today and let Soraya create the most spectacular evening of ethnic entertainment that will have you and your guests talking for years to come!


. . . . When quality and authenticity matter . . . .


For more information, contact:

PO Box 3284
Margate, NJ 08402

609 823-2029

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One-stop Entertainment agency for the best in authentic Egyptian dancing, orchestras, singers and variety/specialty acts of the highest caliber for all occasions!

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