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Layla the Cat Dances!



Buzzy was Soraya’s first cat, a gift from her parents when she was two years old. A Bombay, he was very affectionate and lived for 23 long years!

Mina and Noelle on chair

Yasmina (Mina) and Noelle

Mina, the current queen of the household, is a Seal Point Siamese and Tortie Calico mix. She has the Siamese traits of being jealous, demanding, and vocal.

The classic fat, happy housecat, Noelle was a timid "Tuxedo" American shorthair. She lived to be 13 years old, and her spirit lives on.

Mina in box

Yasmina (Mina) in a box

Everyone knows that cats love boxes!

King Tut and Yousef


With Soraya’s King Tut statue.



Yousef Omar, a purebred Egyptian Mau, is also called Little Joey.


Layla under cover

Soraya took this photo of the Bengal cat Layla as she peeked out from under the blanket on the bed.

 Cat Woman


Cat Woman



The classic patchwork Calico cat, Scappy was wonderful with a very curious and deep personality. She contemplated everyhing! Her spirit is still alive in the house that she lived in for 21 years.

Nile queens

Nile Queens

Layla, the Bengal, and Yasmina, the Siamese/Tortie mix


Layla and Mina on bed

King Tut and Yousef

Soraya and Yousef

Egyptian Mau

Yousef, the Egyptian Mau

He is the exact same breed that the ancient Egyptians once worshipped and this is the same breed of cat that is depicted in the ancient hieroglyphics and tomb wall paintings. Mau was used as its breed name because the ancient Egyptians thought that the most unusual meow of this cat, a chortling noise, sounded like “mau.” Cleopatra and the royal families of Egypt got their makeup ideas of drawing the Pharonic line out from the corner of the eye from the markings on this majestic and regal animal.

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