I want to personally thank all of my loyal fans for all of your lovely letters of appreciation over the years. Making you all so happy is why I love to dance in the first place! Please accept my many thanks (shukran), to everyone from the bottom of my heart! Peace...
Love and shimmies...


See what the world is saying about Soraya!

Dear Soraya,

Your dancing was amazing, captivating and truly authentic and exactly what we were searching for. Thank you so much for making our wedding really fabulous. Your zeffa band was great and your Egyptian dance performances were breathtaking! Your costumes were all so gorgeous and you looked stunning in them. We will be sure to tell all of our friends both in the US and overseas about your dancing and what a pleasure it was to work with such a professional entertainment company!

Shukran (thank you),
Hanan and Nabil Basheer

About Soraya, belly dancer extraordinaire:

Exquisite hand made Egyptian costumes, innovative choreography, and the best of Middle Eastern music made Soraya the most outstanding belly dance performer at Alkhimah. The ambiance of our restaurant-traditional Moroccan tent/salon featuring imported hand beaded crystal chandeliers, velvet cushions and brass trays-created an ideal setting to showcase Soraya’s magnificent style of performing.

Soraya is very different from other dancers. Soraya’s high-energy level engaged and mesmerized the audience. Her unique heart-felt charismatic belly dancing style transported the audience to a world filled with visions of Moroccan casbahs and Egyptian pyramids, complete with authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean music and exotic Arabic costumes.

When she performed you could sense the excitement and anticipation. Patrons would call us to see if Soraya was performing! However, Soraya performed solely for special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Middle Eastern weddings, and private parties.

In addition to her dance style, Soraya’s professional costumes and music were exceptional. Soraya’s costumes are custom made for her in Egypt. The shimmer and intricateness of the beadwork, Austrian crystals, delicate fabrics, and designs encouraged a variety of illusions ranging from princess to cabaret dancer. Soraya’s music was also a real treat. Instead of the usual canned belly dance music, she mixed her own CD's and tapes utilizing classical as well as modern Arabic musical compositions and arrangements.

Soraya was and still is our FAVORITE belly dance performer. We always look forward to working with or seeing her perform. And more importantly, so do our patrons. Thanks Soraya for so many happy memories and we look forward to many more!

Rami Salman and Maureen Hogan
CO-owners of Alkhimah Moroccan Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Restaurant

The Real Human Being behind the Greatest Artist Soraya!

What can I say about the girl, whom I never met personally, still I can say lot about her inner personality. What can I say about the girl whose voice also I have never heard, I can say a lot because I know why that voice is so sensitive. What can I say about the personality, I may not meet ever in real life? I can say and tell many things because, she is a dream come true personality.

Yes, we both never met, in person, never talk even on telephones, still I claim that I know her, her inner personality, her greatness as artist and most importantly as a human being. I also never saw her dance, not even her videos, still I claim that she is greatest human artist on this planet.

The person who performs her profession from inner heart, mind and soul can’t be just an ordinary person. All her shows all the time, are from within, where her legs, toes, hands, fingers everything just starts to act, on the basis of her mind and not just as a routine money making business. Although she is rich and famous, she is still very sweet. When art is so much devoted and performed with such inner strength, what a performance it must be. I can definitely imagine, before my eyes, even when I never saw it. I can just see from my eyes her performance, and all of you will know why I call her the greatest human artist. She never performs to go through the motions, she does it with such eagerness with such her own conviction, that even God himself, will like to come on earth and will be pleased to watch it...

Thank you,

Rajendra “Raj” B., (New Delhi, India)

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

Thank you for making our annual company party simply spectacular. Our “Arabian Nights” theme event was a smashing success. You held the attention of everyone in the room every second that you were on stage. Please mark the date for next year. We also enjoyed your orchestra and singers, this is an evening that no one will forget and we look forward to working with you again soon.


Mr. James Thompson,
Pfiizer Corporation

Dear Soraya,

I have just finished watching your entire video library from start to finish. Your dance routines were superbly executed. Your expert movements are sharp and precise and your choreographies left me wanting more. The quality of the tapes were also so wonderful. I loved your effective use of lighting and creative stage design which added to the authenticity of the production. It was obvious from the crowd reactions at the live casino performances that you are alone at the top of your profession. Please keep me informed of any new video releases.

Thank you,

Hiro Nakamichi
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Soraya,

Your presentation of “Soraya’s Night at the Casbah” was fabulous. We were so lucky to find your entertainment Company and it was great to work with you. The food provided by your caterers was delicious and presented in true Middle Eastern style. The whole evening reminded my wife and I of a recent trip to Cairo, Egypt.

We will be in touch!


Dr. and Mrs. Paul Simpson,
Chappaqua, NY

Dear Borders Books and Music:

This letter comes with many thanks for the excellent program you hosted on Monday, September 29 with International belly dance star, Soraya in “The Ancient, Exotic Art of Authentic Belly Dancing”. I thoroughly enjoyed Soraya’s beautiful dances and interesting academic lecture on the anthropology of the Middle Eastern origins of the culture, art and ethnicity. I even shared the passionate and intense enthusiasm her performance generated by participating in the dance circle in which the event ended with. There is so much cultural diversity within our community to learn about. The creative fire and artistic energy in her dancing is spellbinding. I was the first one in line to buy Soraya’s entire autographed authentic belly dancing videos! Thank you so much for the magical evening I spent at Border’s that night. Please keep up the fine work and I hope that you have Soraya do many encores. Please let me know if you invite the amazing Soraya back soon.

Best wishes to you and your associates.


Cynthia E. Cooke
Pine Shore Art Association
and the New Jersey State Council
on the Arts.

Re: Your Videos

Dear Soraya:

Thank you for prompt delivery of your belly dance videos. I enjoyed them thoroughly. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that YOU and your international entertainment company were the subject of a huge article in prestigious newspaper, “The Newark Star Ledger” last summer. In fact, I am almost positive that I saw your gorgeous photo in that article.

By the way, I just read your biography on your web site and was stunned to find out how young you are. I can’t believe how much you have accomplished to date. I certainly feel like a slacker in comparison!

Good luck with your prestigious and successful international entertainment agency and keep on dancing. Let me know if you ever perform in North Jersey. I would definitely like to see you perform again.

Very truly yours,

Brett F. George

PS Give my regards to Lucy the Elephant, if she is still in Margate.

Dear Soraya,

Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your spectacular and breathtaking performances...you did a wonderful job! My family is convinced that you are the best belly dancer in the world and they are Egyptian, so they know! You are the only belly dancer that we will use for our parties in the future.


Chris and Sylvia

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

I would like to take this time to offer my personal thanks for you participation and professionalism in making “The Rising Waves of Dance, starring Soraya, the International star of Egyptian belly dance”, a monumental success. Sharing the exquisite talents, expertise and flawlessness of your international dance company made an electrifying impact in the overall success of the project. The music that you danced to was awesome as well. I never imagined a belly dance performance could be so amazing, cutting edge and dynamic. You lit the stage on fire!

After your performances of authentic Egyptian cultural dance and music, I do believe that we have finally caught the eye of the powers that be and it is very obvious how hungry they are for real, authentic cultural enrichment. You really serve it up on a silver platter! Now, I see how you and you alone made this dance what it is today. Thanks again for delivering such a driving and mesmerizing performance. This letter is just a small sample of the huge responses that are still pouring in, because of your magnetic dancing as the star of the show.


Patty M. Harris
Executive Artistic Director
The New Jersey Dance Theater

Soraya the most beautiful, wonderful woman...
I loved your web site and enjoy visiting it very often.

With much love,
Mr. Delio
Rome, Italy

Dear Soraya:

Your videos arrived today! You are such a beautiful lady. How many cameras did you have set up? It looks like about three or more! And the editing was great. Your smile is beautiful you're dancing is so very alive and not contrite like so many very average American belly dancers. I thought you were really wonderful! What was the music you danced to in this video? You set the standards regarding this dance. AGAIN, THANK YOU for producing such wonderful videos!!!!! Please let’s continue to keep in touch.


Sausan Al-Masri,
Academiat Sausan lil Raqs Al Masri-
San Francisco, CA

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

We are pleased to inform you that your Egyptian dance show and anthropological lecture entitled: “Soraya’s Night at the Casbah, (an evening of authentic Arabic dance, culture and music)”, was a smashing success! I am sure you noticed by the thunderous applause and standing ovations that you received from the packed theater how well received you are. You presented the art of your cultural heritage with such nobility, professionalism, authenticity, elegance and grace. You take this art form to a whole new level.

Your choreographies are all performed so brilliantly and cleverly without missing a beat. Each year that we have you perform at the university, your material is always fresh, highly innovative and never boring. I highly recommend you to all of my colleagues. The way in which you interpret and internalize the music that you hear is simply spectacular. You are a truly gifted entertainer and gorgeous young lady. Your caterers did a wonderful job with the Arabic food and everyone loved your band, “Soraya and Middle Eastern Sounds”. Again, thank you for doing yet another absolutely phenomenal job not only with your fabulous dancing, but also with your very informative and educational lecture on the history and mystery of the exotic Middle East.


Ms. Christina Mason
Princeton University

Dear Soraya,

We are writing to thank you for providing such a wonderfully authentic belly dance technique workshop and show. Everyone is still raving about you. Your dancing is magnificent and captivating. It is so nice to see belly dancing finally performed with such great talent, ease of movement, professional finesse and stage presence. Please mark this date in your calendar for next year!


Renata Johnson, MS., PH.D
Rutgers University

Soraya....My dear, you own this dance. Shukran for making my daughter’s wedding something that we will never, ever forget! You perform with your entire being; you brought so much joy to everyone. You are the best belly dancer we have EVER seen and we have seen a lot! The entire staff at the Ritz Carlton was so very impressed with how you ran the show for us, let alone your command of the stage with your captivating Egyptian belly dancing. Your special Egyptian Zeffa band was great also. We will highly recommend your prestigious Middle Eastern event planning-entertainment company. My family will be in touch for many more events to come...

Keep up the good work!

All the best,

Dr. Magdy Osman
Cairo, Egypt.
and Washington, D.C.

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

I would like to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed working with your fine and very professional entertainment company. You provided unparalleled service and catered to all of our needs, no matter how small or large they were. We appreciate the dedication that you so generously gave to us in making it possible to host the best corporate theme party possible. We searched hard to find the best belly dancer and we ended up finding her and the best entertainment Production Company to bring it to fruition. Everyone is talking about GREAT they had! We let everyone know that Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions made our “Arabian Nights” fantasy company theme party a reality....You worked with us every step of the way, leaving no stone unturned. Your amazing attention to detail and perfection is astounding. Your orchestra and singers were also great and your authentic belly dance performances left everyone spellbound to say the least. Soraya, you are absolutely spectacular, one amazing young woman. You will be hearing from us soon!


Jackie Robinson
Sun Microsystems

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

You mesmerized our guests and presented a terrific theme party on the grounds of our home to the delight of everyone. Your band was great and so was the Arabic DJ that mixed great American techno dance music with a Middle Eastern flair. “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and the Arabian Knights, starring Soraya, the Egyptian star of belly dance” was an evening of mystery, history, creative ethnic artistry and merriment. The strolling performers, jugglers and magicians were a real treat and adding to the festivities. The tarot card readers were very authentic! It was also a pleasure to meet your physician-husband, Dr. Rob. Everyone thought it was great how he took the microphone from the bandleader and introduced you personally before each set. We will be in touch.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vanderweigh
Rumson, NJ

If you really want to know what belly dance is, watch Soraya. Her power packed performances and intrinsic feeling for the dance has brought her incomparable artistry, talent and classic beauty to the forefront in the entertainment world today. There are so many exciting facets to Soraya’s richly intense, yet delicate dance style and highly emotional shows. Her dynamic choreographic genius makes her performances always new and intriguing. Her impeccable technique, natural understanding of the music and magnetic personality made her the world's greatest belly dancer. Soraya’s choreographies epitomize and encompass the correct utilization of key muscle groups; proper dance technique, body alignment and center all coupled with her show stopping stage presence. The flawlessness of her movements engulfs all that have the opportunity to witness her incredible dancing. Her artistry and legacy has made this a credible and respected art form. Finally, it is wonderful if done right! Thank you for so many years of beautiful performances habibi!

Keep on dancing!

Much love to you...
Christina Monel Hamida
New York, NY and Casablanca, Morocco.

Dear Soraya’s Mid-East Dance and Music Productions:

Congratulations on your great successes in life! You deserve it all. I have all of your wonderful belly dance videos and I watch them over and over again. Every time that I view them I see something new and amazing. I love your incredibly comprehensive web site very much, each time I access it; there is always something different, interesting and fascinating to enjoy. You are the best!


Ms. Janet Adams
Studio City, CA

Dear Soraya:

I have seen you perform in live concerts, on TV and video many times and your performances keeps getting better and more intriguing. You are a fireball of energy on stage and have the audience on the edge of their seats the whole time that you are dancing. Your agility and grace is like nothing that I have seen before and never will again. You are a one-woman USO tour! Please keep me aware of any new video releases. I also would like to know if you would be doing any more public performances in the future. Congratulations on your recent wedding, you are a gorgeous bride! Please also give my regards to Doctor Rob, he is a lucky man! Actually, you are both lucky! May you two have many, many years of true wedded bliss and happiness.

Until next time!

Mr. Roger Lloyd Bridgewater, NJ

Soraya, we are all so delighted that you could perform at the wedding of Chris and Sylvia. Your facial expressions, enthusiasm and feeling for what you were doing on the dance floor was evident throughout your marvelous performances. Back when Jesus was alive in Jerusalem, if he would have seen you dance, he would have appreciated your elegance, class and style...

Father Majoras
Catholic Priest


Thanks for such a wonderful workshop, master class and gala show. The students and faculty really appreciated it and are still talking about how much fun they had. Your presentation on the real, authentic belly dancing style, understanding everything about Middle Eastern music, and the lecture on the anthropological history of the Arabic world was fascinating! The theater was packed and it was the most attended event that Rutgers has ever had. You presented the art of your cultural heritage with such intense passion, beauty and professionalism. Our faculty of Middle Eastern heritage, said that it is so refreshing to finally see this art performed correctly and properly. Everyone thought that the Middle Eastern food brought in by your caterers was delicious too.

I have enclosed with this letter two articles: one separately and the other one appears in the newspaper. Please do send me a copy of the video that you had recorded the night of the event. Thank you so much for making: “Soraya’s Jewel of the Nile Show” a smashing success. We all loved how the camera crew followed you around so closely never missing an angle! The video would be a super promotional idea if we showed it! Also, I would like to keep it as a special memory of the great workshop that I held.


Mr. Mihir El Tolat
Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ


Thousands of years ago, belly dance was born. Soraya was born to belly dance.

As an avid video collector, she offers to all that view her endless: spectacular performances...from beginning to end. More importantly, from her first dance as a little girl, she has dedicated her life to art of Classical Egyptian belly dance. Her stunning and beautiful physicality serenades each note of music played to tell thousands of stories. She does it with a class and respect that few on this planet is blessed to possess. With shimmies that rattle like an earthquake, and movements that cut like the sharpest blade, she is the visual delight and role model for all generations to come. Hands down, Soraya is the best belly dancer in the world today. She is also one of the best people as well. If you can’t see her perform live, it is a MUST that you watch her on video and experience the power and passion that is waiting to be released from her body and soul.

All Hail Soraya...a true legend!

Brandon F Johnson
Washington, DC

Ahlan Soraya,

I have been studying the art of Belly Dancing for three years. Soraya’s belly dance videos have brought me into the Arabic weddings and other functions without me actually being there live. They have helped and prepare me to go out there and get work.

The videos are filled with a lot of love and spirit. Which is Middle Eastern dance. Very spiritual and joyful! Your belly dancing is a sensuous and very beautiful art. You are a real inspritation!

Thank You Soraya...

Azima Leylas

In Arabic: Ana raqassa w yidruss raqs hazzin l batn thalaatha Sana. Soraya’s raqs viidiyoo addaba ni fii arabi farah, kamaan iHtifaal w sada amila ni jahiz li ashtaghal.

Soraya’s raqs hazzin l batn viidiyoo jamilla kamaan jiddan saeed w surur.

Shukran Jazillan Soraya!


Azima Leylas

Salaam Soraya!

Hi Soraya!

Just checking in with my favorite dancer. Hope everything is going well with you.

I don’t believe that I have thanked you for the video. So thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. I really enjoyed it immensely. Your talent is incredible. Thanks also for your autograph and beautiful 8 x 10! You are the greatest.

Have a good weekend.

Glenn Poore
Hollywood Stars, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

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