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This FREE DVD features brand new cutting edge choreography, music and costuming and was shot live at a fancy Egyptian wedding in Philadelphia, PA at an elegant venue. (December 2005).


Soraya’s Night at the Casbah

This is the much anticipated follow-up to her other critically acclaimed videos that are selling tremendously worldwide! Soraya’s new video release features the best in authentic Egyptian dance styles and the hottest new vivacious theatrical stage style and strong stage presence all shot with multiple camera angles, all post production done with Avid editing and much more to offer you the most professional video available on the market today! This tape showcases two completely different performances with lovely costume changes. The first show is a breathtaking choreography of exciting modern Egyptian technique and style. There are two separate drum solos that capture Soraya’s strong stage presence and dynamic and dramatic movements that she is famous for! The second performance is a beautiful and earthy folkloric routine in traditional dress. The saaidi or can dance is often performed in the countryside in Egypt and the gorgeous background scenery reflects the exotic atmosphere of a desert oasis in the Mediterranean!

Soraya’s natural choreographic artistry is matched only by her ability to change the perception of Middle Eastern dance and make it respectable. Soraya mirrors and becomes the music so her audiences can view belly dance the way it should be seen. Her powerful movements release the ancient magic and splendor of this exotic and often misunderstood culture through art. Soraya’s unforgettable performances uniquely blends together the best of Egyptian cabaret, folkloric and balady styles to give you a closer look into the true soul and spirit of authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean art. Her amazing interpretation of both classical and popular compositions has earned her a reputation of being the most sought after and foremost pioneer in Egyptian dance. She was recently referred to as, “The Zohair Zaki of the Nineties with a modern flair for grace and incredible athletic skill.”

Soraya has tapped into an area that was yet still unknown in ethnic dance and brought it to the mainstream. Soraya’s intense technical expertise, attention to detail, playful personality and knowledge of every nuance of Egyptian dance make her an artist who will continue to set new trends in the dance world and constantly take it to new heights!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


The Dance of Egypt

This video is a theatrical masterpiece showcasing Soraya’s exquisite choreographies using the best in “Al-Jeel” style music (Egyptian and Lebanese popular music). The video begins with a dramatic dream sequence as Soraya emerges through a cloud of smoke and fabulous stage lighting as if escaping from the Genie’s bottle. She is adorned in a Madame Abla kelly green and gold costume and beaded butterfly veil flowing gently behind her. The first dance routine is set to the music of Hassan Al Asmar. As the smoke clears Soraya then performs a dynamic choreography to the music of Ragheb Alameh showing off her strong yet elegant stage presence and funky style. The set changes and she re-directs your attention without missing a beat to her much anticipated drum solo that also features the best in cutting edge camera work to capture her every move. In this second video release, Soraya becomes the essence of Hollywood while preserving the dances’ intrinsic cultural and artistic honor like only she can, to bring the best of both worlds together in THE DANCE OF EGYPT!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


Soraya El Malika (The Dance of the Queen)

In “Dance of the Queen,” Soraya performs in the most classical and traditional Middle Eastern style of “Raks Al Sharqi” (translated from the Arabic meaning, “the dance of the orient”). Ornately bejeweled from head to toe, Soraya appears wearing a custom made costume of Austrian crystals and 18 inch glass beaded fringe shaping her every move. This video reflects the fine emotional shadings and passionate mood of the music to create an ambience like no other. Soraya performs to some of the most famous classical Egyptian music ever recorded adding her own unique dramatic finesse, Liquid grace and powerful, yet delicate movements. This amazing video featuring over five separate tightly choreographed dance routines takes the viewer on a journey through the eyes of “Soraya El Malika... The Queen of Belly Dance”!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


Soraya, Live in Concert
in the Tropicana Casino Showroom

This professional performance video was taped with six cameras on the biggest casino stage in Atlantic City. It features a full Egyptian orchestra, recorded with digital stereo surround sound. The video features approximately 45 minutes of beautiful and artistic interpretation of traditional Egyptian-style “Raks Sharqi” and “Saaidi” dance with fantastic Taq seems and a fabulous, funky tabla solo.

This video makes a great and unique gift!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


The Cairo Collection

This exciting cutting-edge collection features over 2 hours of incredible dancing. A “candid” video, it captures over 40 authentic Egyptian dance choreographies, 15 Madame Abla designer costumes, filmed at numerous locations. Including: Arabic weddings, Middle Eastern showcases, upscale black tie events, private parties, featured performances at top Arabic clubs, international festivals plus colleges and universities. Enjoy live performances at top casino showroom venues including Ceasar’s and Showboat, “Arabian Nights” extravaganzas on both the East and West coasts, conventions, doctors’ parties with a Moroccan theme and more! If you love real authentic Egyptian belly dancing straight from Cairo, Egypt...The Cairo Collection is a must-have for the serious collector for the best in Middle Eastern Oriental Dance, music, costuming and amazing cultural entertainment. This video offers the viewer a closer look into the true soul and spirit of authentic Middle Eastern dancing. When only the best will do!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


Soraya’s Desert Dreams! (The Borgata Casino Special Event)

This is the newest video and DVD release and it is already selling tremendously all over the US and overseas! Taped live at an upscale special event at the beautiful Borgata Casino, it features belly dancing superstar Soraya. See why Soraya is the top belly dancer in the US as she mesmerizes her audience and keeps them cheering for more. This elegant show features many different styles of Soraya’s own unique, sinuous style of precise choreographies, cutting edge Egyptian technique, polished poise and dramatic stage presence. She performs some of her many specialties from tabla solos to cane dancing as well as a magnificent double veil choreography! You will experience a whole plethora of professional belly dancing. Enjoy her saidi folkloric cane dancing of upper Egypt, her famous signature drum solos, spectacular, controlled and electric shimmies that she is known all over the world for. After watching her belly dance, it is no surprise why Soraya is in such high demand at not only the classy Borgata Casino, but all of the casinos in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas where she also belly danced at the Egyptian themed Luxor Casino!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


Soraya Live in Concert at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Showroom

Experience an incredible, professionally recorded live Middle Eastern Concert as international belly dancer Soraya stars with famous singing sensation, Assi El Hellani in his only US appearance. Soraya performs a very exciting Egyptian dance routine complete with many styles and all new choreographies. This polished and majestic performance takes you on a rare and unique journey of modern and ancient Cairo and exotic Alexandria. Join Soraya as you are swept into Pharonic Aswan and then to historic Luxor on a magical journey of Egyptian dance, music, culture and splendor. The climax of the video is a very special 15 minute dynamic and rhythmically complex drum solo that brings the entire house down! Her beautiful costume consists of long silver and gold glass beaded fringe. The belt and bra (bedlah) is covered in gorgeous Austrian crystal flatwork.

This is an artistic and creative “must-have” video!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)


New York Hafla (Party)

This show was shot in a nice hotel ballroom located in New York. It features her orchestra, a little audience participation, and Soraya’s classical Egyptian choreography to the famous piece, “Princess of Cairo,” written in the 40's for the famous dancer Nagwa Fouad. The opening routine is followed briskly without missing a beat to the folkloric song of “Sharouk” for the saaidi (cane) dance of the country bedouin people. Many keyboard, kanoon and violin solos are artistically woven into the fabric of the melodies and Arabic musical standards. Then you will be treated to Soraya’s much anticipated, intricate and dynamic and very energetic tabla solos by New York's finest percussionists. A classical finale is played that follows Soraya up the stairs as she waves and blows kisses to her cheering audience! See why she has been compared to the great Egyptian dancers, Zohair Zaki, Nagwa Fouad and Fifi Abdo, all while using her own distinct choreographies and personality! Costumed in red and silver. Recorded with one camera but still very enjoyable!

DVD $29.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Special Offer! Save $45.00!



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International Orders: In all countries other than U.S.A., the price for each video 1-8 is $34.95 including shipping and handling. Save $45.00 when you buy all 8 for $234.60. Please make payment in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank or in the form of an international money order.


Resorts International Casino Showroom

Opening the concert for the famous singing star Hany Shaker, using carefully selected taped music, Soraya danced to “Raks Mona” (Mona El Saaid), classical Egyptian “Raks Sharki,” followed by the exciting modern Egyptian pop music called, “jeel.” The singer is Hakim and the song is called, “Aghib Aghib,” which means “my woman is acting very strange and I don’t know why?”.. The routine ends with a strong tabla (doumbek) solo and finale. Soraya was wearing a full Madame Abla costume in Gold and Blue.

DVD $19.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

International Festival at the Seashore!

This very exciting and fast-paced celebration of ethnic world dance was recorded at the seashore on a lovely summer day in August. Soraya performed a show stopping modern Egyptian choreography to the music of famous Middle Eastern singers, Warda and Ragheb Alameh, featuring her signature vibrating shimmies and the best drum solos and much more. Her costume is a beautiful creation from Egypt in bright yellow and black that really shows off her moves! Soraya is joined briefly on stage by a surprise performer.

DVD $19.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Egyptian Wedding Party

This exciting tape is an actual glimpse into an Egyptian wedding hafli featuring another wonderful performance by the orchestra, “Soraya and Middle Eastern Sounds.” This show is approximate 30 minutes in length of non-stop authentic Egyptian belly dance. There is wonderful footage on here but is recorded with one camera, but still captures all the artistry! The audience eagerly jumps out of their seats to join Soraya on stage! The show opens with the classical piece of “Eskendria” (Alexandria) from “Princess of Cairo.” This party features a lot of audience participation and even arabic singing of the famous song made famous by the legendary singer, Om Kathoum, “Lessa Fakir.” Many keyboard solos follow, nai (flute) and more. Soraya then goes into her famous drum frenzy featuring Tabla, Moroccan Bendir (cymbal free large tambourine), Riq (Arabic tambourine with large cymbals), etc.! Featuring yet another fine costume creation by one of Cairo's greatest designers!

DVD $19.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Moroccan Wedding Party and Ceremony

Witness an authentic Moroccan wedding celebration and also an exciting performance by Soraya. Two completely different performances with costume changes.

DVD $19.95 (Price includes shipping and handling.)

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